Aurender Conductor Lite for iPhone released!

Aurender Conductor Now Supports iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablets

Aurender Conductor V3 Released

Features New Visuals and Choice of Three Color Themes


The Reference Standard in Music Servers.
That All Are Judged Against.





for iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablets

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Purchase Software update to enable MQA“™”Core Decoding for your Aurender. This update is available for any Aurender model without a DAC and will unfold the MQA file to deliver even higher than CD-quality. This first unfold recovers all the direct music-related information and sampling rate output will be 88.2kHz or 96kHz. The update is available for all Aurender models (except S10). It’s not needed for A10 as it already has MQA“™” full decoding technology.

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New Flagship Caching Music Server and Streamer

 MQA Core-Decoder / 4TB SSD Storage with 1 TB SSD Caching / Battery Operated Power Supply for Audio / Full-Linear Power Supply for CPU / Double-Isolated LAN and Audio USB Port / Dual-AES/EBU up to 24-Bit 384kHz, Coaxial, BNC and Optical Outputs / Word Clock Input


High Definition Caching Music Server / Streamer

2 x Slot for 2.5inch HDD or SSD Drive (user installed)
USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC, Optical Outputs and Word Clock Input


Reference Caching Music Server / Streamer

4TB or 8TB Storage
USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC and Optical Outputs


Caching Music Server / Streamer

 CD Ripper /  10TB HDD Storage / Full MQA Decoder DAC / Headphone Amplifier
with Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Outputs


Caching Music Server / Streamer / Player

with MQA Full-Decoder DAC and Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Outputs
4TB Storage


Caching Music Server / Streamer / Player

with MQA Full-Decoder DAC and RCA Analog Outputs
2TB Storage


Caching Music Server / Streamer

CD Ripper / Metadata Editor
Dual-HDD Storage /
Library Manager / USB Output


Caching Music Server / Streamer

CD Ripper / Metadata Editor
Dual-HDD Storage /
Library Manager / USB Output

N100C / N100H / N100SC

Caching Music Server / Streamer

N100H: 2TB Storage / USB Output
N100C: 4TB Storage / USB and Coaxial Output
N100SC: USB and Coaxial Outputs / Optional HDD or SSD Storage



Caching Music Server / Streamer / CD Ripper /  10TB HDD Storage
/ Full MQA Decoder DAC / Headphone Amplifier


A30 is the flagship model from Aurender’s range of analog output digital music players. Like A10 and A100, A30 is, at its essence, a caching music server / streamer & DAC with internal storage and control via Aurender Conductor.

 The Aurender A30 also includes full MQA Decoder technology which enables you to play back full-resolution MQA audio files and streams, delivering the highest possible sound quality of the original master recording. What distinguishes A30 from the others is the pure audio performance and exhaustive feature set. Aurender has designed A30 to be the comprehensive digital focal point of your system providing useful aides not usually associated with a typical music server. Functions like CD ripping, a high-quality headphone amplifier, 10TB of internal storage, ultra-wide color LCD display and an integrated software suite of metadata editing and library management tools. All this, and much more, makes the A30 the new performance standard in all-in-one digital source components.


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“Significant advance over what was already a reference-quality music server”

The Absolute Sound

The Aurender W20SE is a significant advance over what was already a reference-quality music server. It’s not only better sounding, but much more capable in its handling of DSD. Most important, PCM upsampling vaults the SE’s performance into another league. This feature alone is, in my view, worth the price of the upgrade from the W20.



“Unquestionably recommend”


Aurender’s track record for great products and customer service over the last decade, now enhanced by its analog flagship A30, is proof that this company has taken itself to another level. I believe Aurender should now be considered one of the blue chip companies in HiFi. I unquestionably recommend the A30 to even the most knuckle-dragging, stubborn, old school audiophiles. To quote the late Christopher Wallace, “If you don’t know, now you know.”



“Highly Recommended”

Part-Time Audiophile

If you have managed to wade through this review and actually reach this point, you’ll know that I’m pleased as punch at both the performance and the user friendliness of the Aurender A10 music server/DAC combination. It’s a great one-box option for those who don’t want to mess around with the do-it-yourself modular option.



“Never heard a music server that sounds better”

Soundstage! Hi-Fi

 I don’t think I’ve ever heard a music server that sounds better, and maybe none as good. It stood out for its bass extension and impact, as well as its natural reproduction of midrange detail. Its looks are as classy as those of any component I’ve had in my system. I began to describe it as audio jewelry, but then realized that the phrase often means “gaudy” — and the N100H isn’t.