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ACS Manual

About Smart Copy

Smart Copy makes it easy to copy folders/files from other content sources to ACS10 using the ACS Manager App.

1. Click the Smart Copy button on ACS Manager main page.

1. Select Source

Content sources can be 

(1) Another Aurender Music Server

(2) External USB HDD Drive

(3) NAS drive attached to ACS10.


2. Check the folders you want to copy to ACS

You can check multiple folders simultaneously.

If you check a folder, all sub folders will be copied too.

2. Select Target

3. Select the target folder on the ACS10 where you want to store the copied files.

3. Add Copy

4. The copy task will be added to the copy queue. You can add multiple copy tasks to the queue and they will be performed in order.

4. Check Smart Copy Status

Tap “Show Copy Status” to check the progress of your copy task.

Copy speed and estimated time remaining will be reported.

Copy speeds may vary depending on your network environment.

Copy From NAS

Before copying from a NAS storage device, you have to connect to the NAS from your ACS10.

1. Click ‘ADD NAS’

Select Server and Folder

2. Select your desired NAS Server on left side.

Enter your NAS username and password login credentials to proceed.

Show mounted NAS List

3. Click the ‘NAS’ folder in source selection box to see the list of “mounted”/connected NAS devices.

Show Copy Status

A copy progress bar will appear on the bottom of the Smart Copy menu during active copying tasks. Click on the progress bar to check copy status.

Check Copy Status Simply

Simple copy status is displayed on the ACS Manager main page.

Pause or Delete Copy

You can pause or delete a copy task using the bottom text buttons.

If you want to cancel only one copy task, tap the “X” icon next to copy task you wish to cancel.

To cancel all copy tasks, press the “Delete All Tasks” text button.