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ACS Manual

Ripping CDs

1. Press the “Menu”* button to toggle through the various screens until you reach the “Ripping” screen. 

Note: When you are playing music, the “Menu” button will not work.

*There are 4 aluminum buttons on the front panel. The top button is the “Menu” button. 

Start Ripping

2. Press “Eject/Close” button (bottom button) and ACS10’s CD tray will open.

Place the CD on the tray 

Close the tray by pressing the Eject/Close button

Ripping will start automatically after the tray closed 

When ripping is done, CD tray will open automatically

Ripping Status Display

3. The front panel will show the status of ripping. It will show the album cover if it successfully finds one from the internet.

Check Ripping Status

Use the ACS Manager app to view data about ripping status. 

1. In ACS Manager, click the Ripping & Tagging History Icon on the main page.

Ripping History

2. In the Ripping History page , you can see the all the CDs you have ripped sorted by time (most recent rips are at the top).

Ripping Status Bar

 3. At the bottom of the page, you can see the ripping status bar.

If you click the ripping status bar, the screen will switch to metadata editing page. From there, you can edit your album metadata while ripping.

(Please see the metadata ripping section of the web manual for details of metadata editing)


About Skipped Tracks...

In rare cases, ACS10 will encounter errors ripping some tracks on some CDs. This can be due to scratches or debris on the disc surface, disc rot, or a badly authored CD. 

Errors will be indicated by a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.





Skipped In List


Discs containing ripping errors or skipped tracks will be clearly marked.

Batch Ripping with Acronova Nimbie

1. Load CDs onto Nimbie auto-loader.

2. Connect USB cable from Nimbie to the front panel USB port on ACS10.

A ‘USB’ icon on the top right of the ACS10 screen will indicate that the Nimbie auto-loader is connected.

Using Nimbie

You can rip CDs using the ACS10 internal ripper and Nimbie simultaneously.

Toggle Display to Nimbie Ripping Display  by clicking Second Button with the “N” CD icon. 


Show Status with using Nimbie

Check ripping status in ACS Manager App.