FLOW Quick Start Guide

Aurender FLOW

* Playback controls may not work depending on the software being used.

Using a Mac or Windows PC

* After connecting Flow to a Windows PC, download and install the driver

(www.aurender.com/download) before using Flow.

No drivers are needed for Mac PCs.


* For fast file transfer from Mac/PC to mSATA drive(optional) inside the FLOW,
USB 3.0 cable is recommended. For music playback, USB 2.0 cable can also be used.

When using Flow with a PC, it will turn on automatically when connected to the PC. Use your media player to play music, adjust the volume and enjoy.

The default volume is set to -90dB. Whenever the headphone jack is unplugged, the volume will be reset to -90dB. The volume control will only work when the headphone jack is plugged.

If there is no sound, please check to see that Flow is set as the output device on your PC.

•For Mac PCs, please refer to the screenshot [Picture 1].

•For Windows PCs, please refer to the screenshot [Picture 2].
•Turn up the volume gradually, until you start to hear music.
For most headphones, you should start hearing music at around
or over -60dB.


[ Picture 1] OSX (10.9 or later)

[ Picture 2 ] Windows 7

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