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Welcome to The Aurender Way - the most luxurious, elegant, and high-performance approach to streaming and file-based playback available. Since 2010, Aurender has been an industry leader in digital source components - taking the computer out of "computer audio."

By continually pushing the boundaries of technology in terms of a streamlined user experience and no-compromise audio performance, Aurender's core goal is simple: to combine exceptional hardware engineering with a software suite that is specifically optimized to take maximum advantage of the hardware at hand. By applying a traditional audiophile component-based design concept to a modern digital solution, Aurender delivers an utterly transparent audio presentation unlike any other.


Hardware <> Software Synergy

A closed system

Many companies make great audio hardware. A few make great audio software. Aurender does both.

Aurender maintains complete control and responsibility over all of the hardware and software engineering of our products. The Aurender ecosystem delivers superior performance, stability, and reliability by maintaining complete control of the hardware and software, requiring no third-party software or external hardware.

The Collector's Approach

To a digital music library

The rise of lossless and high-resolution streaming services has given music lovers nearly unlimited access to the entire world of recorded music. It is a truly exciting time to be a music lover! However, the instant availability and ephemeral nature of streaming content can dilute the experience of intentionally exploring, curating, and collecting a music library that becomes an essential part of our lives. Aurender's approach to building a personal music library preserves the experience of actively collecting by aggregating streaming music services with locally stored files on a platform that is not only searchable, but browseable as well. With Conductor, your music library is your own.

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Your Digital Concierge

Support that cares.

Many Aurender owners might not flinch at setting up a complicated turntable, but the idea of tackling an IT challenge, or learning to use an App interface, is the stuff of nightmares. Aurender's support team takes the guesswork out of dipping your toes into streaming waters. With white-glove service and a unique Remote Support portal that can help with any aspect of system setup and maintenance, Aurender's technical support team is ready, willing, and able to help. This is The Aurender Way.

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An Aurender for Every Music Lover

With a wide variety of models available across the spectrum of price, design, and features, there is an Aurender for every music lover. Contact Aurender or your local retailer/distributor to learn about which model is right for you and your system.

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