Can I use a USB WiFi Adapter with my Aurender?

If a hardwired Ethernet connection is not available in the location where your Aurender is to be installed, there are a couple of options available to you: What if I do not have an Ethenet/LAN connection in my listening room?

However, there's another option to use a USB WiFi Adapter to create a standalone Aurender LAN which will facilitate communication between your Aurender and iOS/Android device for control via the Conductor App. This is a commonly used solution for exhibitors at audio trade shows, or for private users who are only interested in playing locally stored music files.

Any USB WiFi adapter using Realtek RTL8812AU chipset is supported. Here are some recommendations:

Here's how to use the USB WiFi Adapter method:

  1. Plug a compatible USB WiFi Adapter into an available USB Data Port on the back of your Aurender.
  2. On your iOS/Android device, go to your WiFi connection settings. You should now see a WiFi connection available that bears the same name as your Aurender, eg. "N100-xxyy"
  3. Tap to connect to this WiFi LAN. The password will be "aurender12345"

You should now be able to connect to and control your Aurender.

Note: This method will NOT provide you with internet access for streaming, updates, or remote support!