Can I use my Aurender with Roon?

At this time Aurender is not compatible with Roon except via AirPlay. There are a few reasons for this:

Roon is a very CPU-demanding piece of software, and our servers are intentionally designed to be minimalistic where processing is concerned. They are equipped with a processor that is only powerful enough to meet the requirements of our platform. This is "by design" and a big reason why your Aurender sounds so good. Also, Aurender playback software is custom engineered and tailored for Aurender hardware. This is how we manage solid state caching and the entire Aurender playback engine. That synergistic link between the custom software and hardware would be broken if we enabled Roon playback software.

Since Aurender servers are Airplay enabled, you can "cast" music to your Aurender with Roon but it is not the same as Roon's RAAT lossless network transport. It works well for casual listening & background music.

As music lovers, we appreciate and respect the powerful discovery engine that Roon is. But, we cannot forfeit control over the sound and software on our players.

Our software team is always hard at work on upgrades to our Conductor app to bring you the best all around user experience we can.