Why does the Conductor app not find my Aurender?

How to confirm 2 networked devices are on the same network by comparing their IP addresses.

To begin, let's understand what an IP address is.

An IP address is a numeric label assigned to each device on a network that allows it to be identified and located so that data can be sent between devices. They are composed of 4 sets of numbers separated by periods, such as This number is commonly assigned to each device on your network by your router. There cannot be 2 devices on the same network with identical IP addresses.

Step 1: Does your Aurender have an IP address? This can be found by pressing the front panel menu button. It is the Top/Left button or the first button underneath the volume knob of your Aurender. You may have to hit it several times to cycle through your front display options.

buttonsIP A15


Step 2: Once this is confirmed, compare the Aurender IP address to the IP address of your phone or tablet.  *Conductor will display this information for you automatically. It can also be found in the following places.

Apple settings: Select wifi/(your wifi name)/  and your IP address is listed under IPV4 Address.

iPad IP

Android Settings (Samsung): Connections/Wifi/Current network (settings icon)/view more/IP Address (scroll to the bottom of the screen)

Android IP

In this example, The Aurender A15 and ACS10 have IP addresses that start with 192.168.50.

The iPad and Android Phone also have IP addresses that start with 192.168.50.

The first three sets of numbers (192.168.50) should be identical. This confirms that all 4 devices are on the same network. The last set of numbers on your IP addresses will always be different.

If you encounter a scenario where your Aurender IP address is and your tablet IP, for example, is or , then your tablet is connected to a different network because the first three sets of numbers are not the same as your Aurender. You will not be able to connect your Conductor app to your Aurender until this networking issue is resolved.

If your IP addresses are on the same network and you are still unable to connect the app to your Aurender, please contact support@aurender.com for further troubleshooting steps.