What if I do not have an Ethenet/LAN connection in my listening room?

Your Aurender server must be connected to your router via a hard-wired Ethernet connection. Aurender servers do NOT have any WiFi connectivity (this is by design - most WiFi networks are unreliable and subject to drop-outs and limited bandwidth).

It is a common issue that no Ethernet connection is available near the location where your Aurender is to be installed. In that case, do not fear! There are a few options:


1. Best-case-scenario: hire your local AV installer or a qualified electrician to retrofit ethernet cable through walls or crawl space to get a hard wired connection. This may be way easier and less expensive than you think! Take this opportunity to use a decent quality shielded cable.


Of course, in some cases the layout of your home will not allow for that. If so...


2. Ethernet-over-powerline adapters such as the Netgear PLP2000 work well in most cases. Click here for TechAdvisor's top recommendations for 2022.

3. You may also use any WiFi extender device with an ethernet port that is compatible with your router. For the most part, they are all universally compatible, but if you want to double check, it may be a good idea to check with your router manufacturer or internet service provider. Many Aurender customers use WiFi extenders or "mesh" Wireless Access Points with good results. CNET's recommended list of best buys for 2022 can be found here. (Just make sure to choose one that does have an Ethernet port for connectivity with your Aurender)

Note that the WiFi Extender you use must be configured as an extension of the LAN name which originates from your main WiFi Router (as opposed to having the extension broadcasting its own new stand-alone LAN). Also, make sure that the extender is close enough to the original WiFi Router so that it is receiving and re-transmitting a strong signal!