What is the proper way to shut down my Aurender?

We recommend leaving your Aurender on unless you experience frequent power outages, or will not be using it for a few days. There is no "stand by" mode...when you are finished with a listening session, nothing needs to be done. Simply leave the Aurender in an idle state.

As with any computer, please avoid cutting power to the Aurender before properly shutting it down. Your Aurender needs to be shut down properly to avoid damage.

There are 2 ways to shut down or restart your Aurender:
1. Press and hold the "play" button in the Aurender Conductor app. Then there will be a pop up where you can choose "Restart" or "Turn off"


2. Press and release the power button on the face of the Aurender itself. It will start to flash and on screen it will say "shutting down...Please wait." Note: in some cases you may have to push the power button twice: once to "wake it up" and then again to shut it down. PLEASE DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON AS THIS CAUSES A FORCED SHUTDOWN.

During the Aurender shut down sequence, the power button backlight will pulse, and the screen will read "Shutting Down...Please Wait." Only after the screen has gone black and the power light is dim, it is safe to flip the power switch on the back.

In certain scenarios, failure to shut the Aurender down properly when turning it off or rebooting can cause software or mechanical damage.