Why are artist and/or album names not appearing for my content, or why is the content listed as "Unknown"?

Aurender Music servers are designed to read metadata tags for music files. If the files aren't tagged properly, they won't display the correct information when browsing using the Conductor App. Metadata tags are most commonly incorrect or missing with files such as WAV, AIFF, or DFF (DSD). A metadata tagging software capable of editing the particular file type will need to be used in order for content to display properly.

You can edit metadata before transferring the files to the Aurender (preferred), or if the files are already located on the Aurender, you can access the Aurender as a file share and edit the tags over your local area network (LAN).

​There are many metadata tagging software options available, and many have free trials, or offer advanced features like autocorrection of missing or incomplete tags. We recommend trying a few and finding the one you are most comfortable with using.

Among Aurender models, ACS10/100 and A30 provide metadata editing feature by the iPad App called ACSManager or A30Manager provided by Aurender. 

All other models will need to use third party apps available for Windows or Mac.