Why does Aurender use a separate program (AMM) for NAS scanning?

There are a few reasons.

First, we are very picky with Aurender's internal software functions. Aurender’s most important duty is playing music files at the highest level of sound quality. The more programs run on the Aurender, the more chances the sound quality is negatively affected.

Secondly, Aurender’s CPU is very "light weight." It’s only powerful enough for music playback. Unlike a typical computer, a higher clock and faster CPU do not always offer the best results in terms of sound quality. A more minimalist processor generates less heat and noise than a powerhouse processor. 

Because scanning processes require an active CPU cycle and network traffic, they can and do affect the sound quality if you listen to music while another program running in the Aurender scans the contents on a NAS. As mentioned above, since Aurender is not using a typical CPU, scanning time could be days rather than hours- if the network connection is slow, if you want to access the NAS from other computers while the files are being scanned, or if you have a lot of files.

Since AMM is available for Mac/PC, a faster CPU, more memory, and faster network speed means that your experience with your NAS contents while using the Conductor App will be much more enjoyable.