Why does the Conductor app disconnect frequently?

Privacy settings in your device are preventing the connection from taking place. Apple and Android instructions listed here.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues between your Aurender and controller (phone or tablet), this may be resolved by making some adjustments on your connected device.
Step 1a (for Apple users only):
Go to your device settings/wifi/select the blue (i) next to your wifi name.
Find the option for "private wifi address" and turn this OFF.
Step 1b- (for Android users only):
On your phone or tablet, go into the advanced menu of your phone's wifi settings and change your "randomized MAC" to "phone MAC" on phones and "tablet MAC" on tablets. Each Android menu may vary slightly. Example below if from a Galaxy S21 phone. Also be sure the "metered network" is set to "treat as unmetered" as seen in the photo below.
 Step 2: Conductor settings/general/permissions and enable: "Connect to the previously connected Aurender by SSID".
By following the instructions above, this will drastically reduce connectivity issues between your Aurender and your phone/tablet. If these settings do not resolve the connectivity issue, please reach us directly at support@aurender.com.