Will Aurender support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)?

The short answer is: Yes! All Aurender music servers fully support MQA Playback. The A30/A10/A100 features an MQA full-decoder DAC on board. All other models can be upgraded with a $50* in-app purchase to enable MQA Core Decoding. You may purchase this upgrade under the Conductor App Settings>"Purchase MQA Core Decoder Upgrade."

Please note: MQA Core Decoding, or "first level unfold" is different from MQA "full decoding," which can only be done with an MQA DAC like the ones built into A30/A10/A100. 

​For more in-depth information, please see our page on MQA playback and Aurender music servers, where MQA playback is discussed in detail for all of the various Aurender models:

- Aurender and MQA Playback -


* The price may vary slightly depending on which country you are in.