Release Note – ACS/A30 Manager

Aurender ACS/A30 Manager 1.10

Released on July 27 2019 

  • App icon changed to same look and feel of Aurender Conductor

Aurender ACS/A30 Manager 1.05.2

Released on April 16 2019 

Duplicate checker

  • Automatic detection of true duplicates and option to delete
  • Scanner Status

    • Users can now monitor and control connected satellite Aurender scanner status
Tag editing
  • Changes to the “Album Artist” field will also be applied to the “Track Artist” field
    – If a Track Artist listing has multiple artists separated by “;”, the Track Artist name will be retained even when updating the Album Artist information.
    – If Album Artist is changed to “Various Artists”, Track Artist listings will be retained
  • Improved updating/syncing music library for Aurender Conductor after making edits


  • When playing tracks from ACS/A30 Manager app, Aurender Conductor will be launched. 
    If a satellite Aurender player is in use, playback will resume from the previously connected Aurender.
    – The connected Aurender must be an ACS model or another Aurender which is connected to an ACS.
    – ACS Manager must be 1.05 or later
  • Added support for higher resolution cover art

CD Ripping

  • When ripping a CD already ripped by ACS10/A30, the target folder name will be appended with a unique number to separate duplicates. The Album Title will not be changed.
  • Only accurately ripped tracks will be saved. Tracks ripped with errors will not be saved.
  • Improved scanning speed after ripping new CDs.
  • Improved ripping stability and Nimbie support

Copy/Move/Delete Features

  • Added ability to PAUSE a copy task and remove or disconnect external storage media. User may RESUME copy task after reconnecting USB storage.
  • Improved Copy/Move/Delete feature
    – Improved item selection for more precise copying/moving/deleting:

– Touch once : Select desired folder and all items in the selected folder
– Touch twice : Select all items in a selected folder, but NOT the selected “parent” folder
– Touch three times : De-select all

  • In case a copy task exceeds the capacity of the target drive, copying will “roll-over” to second HDD (when available)

Aurender ACS/A30 Manager 1.0.4

Released on February 1 2019 

  • Port to Conductor now defaults to previous Aurender connection
  • Fixed other minor bugs and improved stability