Release Note – Conductor for iPad

Aurender Conductor for iPad 3.02

Released on August 3 2019 

  • Add W20SE DSD to PCM feature with Gain control
  • Fixed a few Internet radio related features
  • Other small issues fixed

Aurender Conductor for iPad 3.01

Released on August 2 2019 

  • Mainly bug fixing release
  • You can now search in “Tidal Masters”.
  • Now rating works also with songs added by “Add to My Library (from Tidal/Qobuz)”
  • Eliminated app crash when playlist button pressed on iOS9.x
  • Fixed the selection being cleared when scrolling in Queue/Playlist editor after selection.
  • Other small issues fixed.

Aurender Conductor for iPad 3.00

Released on July 27 2019 

Aurender Conductor for iPad 2.9.21

Released on April 26 2019 

  • Improved the positioning of the Aurender name and IP of the connected Aurender server
  • Fixed overlapped menu panes in UI
  • Selected playlist can now be loaded to “Playlist Editor”
  • Scanning will now start after changing resolution setting of album cover
  • “Show albums with cover only” fixed

Aurender Conductor for iPad 2.9.20

Released on April 2 2019 

  • If “Favorites” filter (star) is used, you can now add favorite songs from album to playlist queue.
  • If song or album name from a streaming service starts with an ‘ (apostrophe), you couldn’t use “Add to my library”.

Aurender Conductor for iPad 2.9.19

Released on March 27 2019 

  • App Support for New Model

  • Aurender Conductor support for A30

  • Search
    Keywords entered in search window will now remain in window when switching between Aurender and streaming services.
    Search keywords are no longer reset when connected to another Aurender.

  • Album View
    With filter set, the album artist not displayed in album cover view fixed.

Aurender Conductor for iPad 2.9.17

Released on February 18 2019 

  • TIDAL – Explicit version content will now be identify by album thumb tag.
  • Qobuz “My Music” tab renamed “Purchased”. Recent Qobuz API update provides splitting of “Favorite Playlists”, “Favorites” and “My Playlist”.
  • ACS10 can now support Merging Technologies RAVENNA network audio protocol.
  • Minor bugs fixed and stability improved.

Aurender Conductor for iPad 2.9.16

Released on February 1 2019 

  • Improved ACS support
  • Fixed other minor bugs and improved stability