Release Note – System Software

Aurender System Software 5.17.16 [for A100]

Released on August 31 2019 

  • Fixed DSD playing issue

Aurender System Software 4.18.85 [for W20SE]

Released on August 3 2019 

  • W20SE now supports DSD to PCM conversion with Gain control.

Aurender System Software 1.3.91 [for A30]

Released on May 20 2019 

  • Supports A30

Aurender System Software 1.3.86 [for ACS10]

Released on April 16 2019 

CD Ripping

  • When ripping a CD already ripped by ACS10/A30, the target folder name will be appended with a unique number to separate duplicates. The Album Title will not be changed.
  • Only accurately ripped tracks will be saved. Tracks ripped with errors will not be saved.
  • Improved scanning speed after ripping new CDs.
  • Improved ripping stability and Nimbie support

Copy/Move/Delete Features

  • Added ability to PAUSE a copy task and remove or disconnect external storage media. User may RESUME copy task after reconnecting USB storage.
  • In case a copy task exceeds the capacity of the target drive, copying will “roll-over” to second HDD (when available)

Aurender System Software 5.17.15 [for A10, N100, N100C and X100]

Released on March 27 2019 

  • Fixed display of connected DAC information on front panel of A10, N100H, N100C and X100L.

Aurender System Software 4.17.14 [for W20, N10 and S10]

Released on March 26 2019 

  • Cloning to or from ACS10 is discontinued with this version due to complications of RAID configuration and other system setup.

Aurender System Software 4.16.07 / 5.16.07 

Released on February 1 2019 

  • Improved metadata handling
  • Fixed DSD playback problem with A100 on direct output
  • Fixed unexpected IP reset during software update 
  • Bug fixes and improved stability