Battery Powered True Wireless Lossless Transmission Loudspeaker


Lossless High-Fidelity (16-bit/44kHz) Resolution without any compression at all.

True Wireless Stereo – No Cables Required (Even Power Cable)

Machined Aluminum Enclosure Available In Three Finishes

High Quality Drivers – Tweeter Unit From Scan-Speak, Mid-Bass Unit From SEAS

Up To 50 Hour Battery Operation Provides Real Portability

Excellent User Experience and Ease Of Use

No Software or Pairing Required

Simply Attach The Supplied USB Dongle To Your Phone, Tablet or Computer and Press Play!

S5W Design


Dark Blue

Wine Red


Power Supply DC24V/2A adaptor or Bosch battery 18V/6Ah
Input Wireless Audio Stream from USB dongle
Tweeter Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6020-10 ​(1 inch, 4 ohm dome)
​Mid-Woofer ​SEAS Excel W12CY-003 (4.5 inch, 8 ohm)
​Bass Load Bass reflex
​Acoustic Sensitivity ​85.5dB at 2.83V/1m
​Bandwidth(-6dB) ​50 Hz to 22 kHz
Crossover ​Digital Crossover 2.0 kHz 4th. order
Amplifier Built-in, 2×50 W amplifier
​Size/Weight ​220mm(h) x 156mm(w) x 185mm(d) / 5.2 kg
Accessory Transmitter USB dongle / Manual / DC Power adaptor / Remote Ctrl
​​Battery (Bosch 18V /4/5/6Ah)
(Battery not included.)
Battery Continous Play Time , Idle(Standby) Time
6A(BAT622) 50 Hours, >30 days
5A(BAT621) 40 Hours, > 25 days
4A(BAT620) 30 Hours, > 20 days



Using Battery Power

– The recommended battery is the Bosch 6Ah, 18V BAT622 Lithium Ion Battery.– When inserting the battery, press it in until it clicks.– When removing the battery, press the red button on the battery and it will release.

When using the power adapter

–  When using the power supply (DC adapter), connect the power cable as shown in the image.Do not insert battery when using the AC power adapter.



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