Introducing Conductor V4

The next generation of The Aurender Way

In 2011, Aurender revolutionized the audio scene with the Conductor App for iPad, transforming how we interact with high-end home stereo systems. It offered music enthusiasts a seamless gateway to their music libraries without the typical “computerish” IT type of experience.

Today, with lossless and hi-res streaming being the norm, music lovers expect universal control of their systems across all devices.

While the Conductor App has long been available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones, they were all developed on different platforms. This resulted in varied user experiences and necessitated the inefficient maintenance of four separate apps.

Enter Conductor V4.

While it might appear familiar at first glance, V4 is a complete backend revamp, ensuring a uniform music control experience on every device.

Let’s dive into some of the new features and what’s on the horizon:

New Settings Menu

Explore the refreshed Settings menu in Conductor. We’ve redesigned its layout for a cleaner, more user-friendly experience. Depending on your Aurender model, you’ll find tailored options to enhance your setup.

Play Action Commands

Play exactly what you want, when you want

Conductor V4 introduces customizable defaults and on-the-fly options for queuing or playing music instantly. Enjoy full control over your music without the mishaps of unintended touches. These features are meticulously crafted to provide listeners with the utmost flexibility and mastery over the playback engine.

Internet Radio by vTuner

In an age of ubiquitous hi-res streaming, there’s still a unique charm to terrestrial radio for music lovers. With vTuner, you can escape algorithmic playlists and dive into hand-picked tracks by DJs from around the world. Fancy the elegant melodies of Radio Swiss Classic in the morning, discovering fresh tracks on Seattle’s KEXP, or relishing the lively rhythms from New Orleans’ WWOZ? The best global radio stations await, offering a diverse daily soundtrack.

In Conductor V4, activate vTuner via Settings > Beta.

Beta Menu

We want to hear from you!

In Conductor V4, you’ll find a new ‘Beta’ section in the Settings menu, giving you early access to upcoming features.

Each new feature has its own forum topic. At Aurender, your feedback is crucial. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, or requests. We’re committed to improving your experience based on your insights.

So much more to come…

The Future of Sound knows no limit

Aurender’s development team is gearing up for a new chapter in software evolution. We’re now more agile, flexible, and streamlined than ever. In the coming months and years, the Conductor App will see regular updates, new features, third-party integrations, and a constantly improving user experience.

Rest assured, uncompromised audio performance remains the paramount focus of Aurender’s identity. And, starting with V4, the beloved Aurender user experience will progress and innovate at an accelerated pace.

There has never been a more exciting time to embrace the world of music, The Aurender Way.

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