Digital Output Network Transports

Elevate the performance of any DAC to its highest potential with Aurender’s state-of-the-art Digital Output Network Transports.

Digital Output, Perfected

It all starts with the source. There’s an old adage in computer science that applies to audio as well: “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” No matter how great your speakers, amps, preamp, DAC and cables are, if your digital source is not on par with the rest of your equipment, your whole system suffers.

Think of Aurender’s Digital Output Network Transports as the digital equivalent to a turntable. As with a turntable, where you need to pair it with a nice phono preamp for best performance, in the digital world, you’ll pair your transport up with a stellar stand-alone or outboard DAC to take your system to its highest level of audio performance.

Aurender’s range of Digital Output Network Transports have always been the core of the Aurender ethos. Each model features a different variation on Aurender’s exceptional hardware manufacturing in order elevate the performance of any DAC with the quietest, most stable, and jitter-free signal rendering available. And, as we know, convenience, ease-of-use, and audio performance are all important. In this case, you don’t have to compromise. Not one “bit.”


The Statement Source for the finest HiFi systems


Battery-powered magic - A silent background


Flagship pedigree - make no compromise


Rack Appeal. Step up your streaming game


Simply Elegant. Bona Fide Aurender sound at a real-world price.

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